With the DaySmart Recreation Online Mobile App, your customer can view their teams, classes, schedules, standings, game results and team rosters. There is also a Digital Player Card and the ability to RSVP for your game.

  1. In your Mobile App store, search for “DaySmart Recreation” and download the free app.
    1. Click here to go directly to app on the Android Google Play store.
    2. Click here to go directly to app on the Apple iOS App Store.
  2. The first time you launch the app, you will need to select the company you are trying to access from the presented list. If desired, you may start typing in characters into the search box, and filtered results will be presented.
  3. Use your DaySmart Recreation Online email address and password to log into your account, or touch the ‘Connect using Facebook’ button if you would prefer to authenticate yourself via Facebook.

After logging in successfully once, you will no longer need to enter your credentials every time you start the App. Upon reaching the login screen, you will see a button with your first and last name on it. Touch this to be instantly logged into the associated account.

To Log Out:

  1. Open the main menu on the top right (Looks like three stacked lines).
  2. Click on your name to expand the profile menu.
  3. Use your finger to scroll down to the Sign Out option.