Registering for our Need A Team Program is for those who would like to play soccer, but don’t have a team. Maybe you are new to the area, maybe you don’t have many friends that play soccer, etc. Whatever the reason, this program is for you!

When registering for Need A Team, you will first need to create a DaySmart account. Once you have done that, navigate to the Register menu on the left side of the page. Find the league you would like to play in and navigate to that page. You will see a team labeled FC Indoor (Need A Team). Register for this team.

If you are registering as an individual to a specific team, please note that is different than registering as an individual with our Need A Team program. Please see notes below.

If you are looking to register as an individual to a specific team, you should be invited to your team through an email from your team manager. Or you can go into your DaySmart account, click register, navigate to the correct age group and then you can Request to Join your team if it has already been registered by your manager.