Outdoor Address

W212N4933 Weyer Rd,
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051


Outdoor facility rules set forth by the Village of Menomonee Falls –
  • Alcohol and illegal substances are prohibited.
  • At no time shall any person (player, fan, or employee) park along Weyer, Lisbon or River Roads.
  • No right hand turns out of the complex onto Weyer Rd.
  • At no time shall any person not currently living at the house located within the facility, park their vehicle within the driveway or around the pole barn.
  • Facility shall be closed and locked by 9:30pm each night. Facility will open no earlier than 7:30AM on any given day.
  • No games or loitering after 9pm.
  • The usage of any speaker system is prohibited on site.
  • No glass bottles or other items likely to cause injury.
  • No dogs allowed.
  • No grilling or open fires.
  • Keep the facility clean and free of trash. Littering is prohibited.
Brookfield Sports Complex reserves the right to expel anyone found in violation of these rules.